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Give them quality. That's the best form of advertising.

-Milton Hershey

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Local Search Optimization Helps Customers Find Your Business

Eighty-two percent of consumers report they have used local businesses in the last year, and virtually every one of them (98 percent) will continue or increase shopping locally in the future. This stated in Yodle’s report titled, “Yodle Insights: What Consumers Want from Local Businesses,” which surveyed more than 6,000 consumers.

That said, when searching for your products or services online, will potential customers be able to find YOUR business? Getting in front of your customers when, where and how they want to interact with your brand is a leading concept behind inbound marketing. Simply put, if you’re not getting in front of your audience when they’re trying to find you, you’re at a disservice.

Imagine you’re an Italian restaurant in West Palm Beach — it’s dinner time and I, a potential customer, am “hangry”. Without a particular place in mind, I’ll likely pull up the good ole Google to find “Italian restaurants near me.” Realistically, your business could be amazing and located just across the street, but without communicating this information online, how am I or any other consumer searching for your product to know?  As easily as that, you would’ve lost at least a sale for lasagna with garlic rolls (and a side salad).

For local business with an online presence, failing to maintain their online content could just as bad as not having one. I recently ran into a guy who was searching for XYZ company. Having completed an online search, he was led to that particular address as their place of business… it turns out that it was — almost 7 years ago. Moral of the story, don’t let that be your business.

According to the Local Search Association’s Local Pulse Survey, 56% of SMBs wait six months or more before updating their websites, and 60% are not optimized for mobile.

How can you get a leg up on local search and ensure that YOUR business is found the next time someone’s searching for services which you offer? At a bare minimum, have a completed Facebook page. Assuming you’re already at the startling line, additional methods include getting other authoritative sources to include links to your web page on their site (backlinks), reviews, social media activity and general online interactions with your business such as clicks, clicks to call and check-ins. Consumers value local businesses for quality work, personalized service trustworthiness, among other things. Local business branding should emphasize these areas. If you need help, contact us.

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